Warforged samurai looking for a purpose




Kohryu is somewhere between a family member and family pet too the Yozi family. He has been passed down through several generations. A warforged, he was built in the image of the deceased samurai Saysek Wei. Over the generations kohryu has seen humans come and go, but honor has yet to leave his beliefs, even with all of the trickery and deceit humans are capable of. Originally built to be a bodyguard for the family he has been treated as a indentured servant the last few generations. This last year he just earned his freedom by saving his lords life from a assassin by intervening himself, fighting and killing the assassin. He has room and board at a residence on the edge of the Yozi’s land. although he is happy with his newfound freedom without a purpose in his life, he has felt rather, empty. lately he has been working as a bodyguard for the occasional merchant.


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